About Myself

As a sound engineer, music producer, live sound engineer, live session engineer (to be fair, a lot of the time most of them mean the same thing), I’ve learnt to never expect anything. Assuming really does make an ass out of me! You may be an ass too, but I can only really guarantee that assuming makes an ass out of me. Anyway, I digress – but in the time I’ve been doing what I do, it’s ridiculous the stories and adventures that have grown and collected – so naturally I wanted to share these without incriminating any of the people involved, and especially myself – and that is why I created ‘The Secret Soundguy’, or ‘TSSG’ as it’s going to be abbreviated to.

I’m hoping that these will largely be light hearted, fun stories – but knowing myself, I’m sure there’ll be a whole lot of nerd going on at a stage too! Anyway, enjoy – and don’t hesitate to share, email – the whole shebang!