The First Post: The Secret Soundguy

Ever wondered what the glorious, glamorous life of a sound engineer is like?? They always have so much stuff, and must love to be sat in amongst it for days on end tearing their hair out because of a snare drum?!? Wrong. However, this industry is ridiculously fun, exciting, unpredictable, galling, aggravating and overall pretty awesome.

In this blog – I want to try and tell some funny stories and explain some bizarre happenings in what I’ve experienced in relatively few years as a sound engineer, music producer, live session and live sound engineer. There’ll be some from the road, some from the studio, some directly from the cluttered hell which can be the mind of a sound engineer but they’ll be from this damn right bizarre industry.

I’m not going to tell you my name or the name(s) of that bands I work with, as frankly it may embarrass any number of people – but mainly I care about not embarrassing myself. I do, however get to tell some pretty funny (I hope) and Interesting (I also hope) stories about what goes on from a different rung of the music ladder.

Firstly, no – I’m not like Simon Cowell. I actually know how to work technical equipment; Yes, I do know what all the knobs and faders do (most of the time anyway), and no stupid person at the gig – it’s not too bassy, you’re just standing next to (and resting your drink on top of) the subs, you bint.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy, I hope you get a kick out of it, and I hope some budding sound engineers get to realise that being an engineer is a brilliant but occasionally ludicrous to have!




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