Business and Passion…

Today I found out that the first company that I worked for has gone into administration. They’ve taken many different forms since I was there, quite a few years ago, but the thing that matters is that this was a company formed on the love and the passion of music. Let’s forget the touring fun, […]

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Van Life

WARNING: Some of this content is really quite disgusting… One of the surprisingly enjoyable and welcome surprises when I first started touring was van life. When I was first contacted about touring with a band prior to a German tour, I was told ‘We’ll have a lot of nights in hotels, but there’ll be quite […]

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Days Off On Tour

I’m currently writing to you from Germany, on tour. Exciting, eh? Well – it’ll be published at a different time as I’m now stuck in a forest for a van sleep as we’ve had a day off. Days off are funny. Essentially, imagine a shit school trip where you’re stuck with people, like you are […]

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